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Gluten Free and emotions Podcast

2.17 Gluten Free & Unexpected Emotions

Navigating gluten-free living involves not only dietary adjustments but also emotional management. Emotional challenges like isolation and misconceptions arise, yet empowerment comes from taking health control. Resources, community support, and self-care are key in dealing with feelings around food restrictions, transforming the gluten-free journey into one of health-focused resilience and positivity.

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2.16 Check Out How My 4 Kids Did The AIP

Living gluten-free goes beyond dietary adjustments—it’s about navigating emotions and finding empowerment in your journey. Let’s explore the emotional aspects of gluten-free living and how to thrive amidst challenges. The Emotional Rollercoaster: Living gluten-free can be an emotional rollercoaster, from the initial diagnosis to daily struggles. Discovering you need to avoid gluten due to celiac

2.16 Check Out How My 4 Kids Did The AIP Read More »

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