You are literally why I am here!

Hi there, I'm Coral

and I am so grateful that you are here reading this right now!

I am an award winning author of the book No Matter What, creator of @glutenfreewithcoral, and host of the #1 gluten free podcast, Gluten Free You and Me. I provide hope, inspiration, and resources, and through advocacy, I have created a safe and uplifting community for all gluten free warriors. 

I work closely with brands, influencers, bloggers, allergy and celiac experts. I am the editor and designer of ‘The Formula Cookbook’.

I have this crazy passion and drive to help others. Trials come to all of us, no one is exempt… and I know that through these tough trials we can choose to reach out and help others- and more importantly, I can reach out and help YOU!

6 Years ago we found out that one of my daughters, Chanelle, has Celiac Disease. Now this could have seemed like worse case scenerio… but to be honest it was the biggest blessing, as the doctors were convinced she had cancer or luekemia. So instead of doing chemo, we do GLUTEN FREE. Since her diagnosis I have one other daughter that has been unofficially diagnosed as well as myself. My personal journey consisted of years of unexplained symptoms and countless specialist… all of which never suspected it was celiac disease and for sure I never had either.

My unofficial- official diagnosis

After Chanelle was diagnosed, I decided that maybe I should eat gluten free too, I mean what could it hurt, right? I had heard so many benefits of eating gluten free, so what not? In doing so, the symptoms that I had had for years started to subside. After a year of being gluten free, I really started feeling better and began to be convinced that I have celiac disease too. I asked my doctors to test me for celiacs… sadly, because I had been gluten free for so long my biopsy was inconclusive. And you couldn’t pay me to get me to eat enough gluten for an accurate test reading and diagnosis… With a lot of other testing and screening we found out that I am the carrier of the celiac gene. 

Now in my medical charts I have Celiac Disease noted as my condition…So I like to say that I am officially-unofficially diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I share this story because I know that there are many others out there that are going through a similar situation and all I can say is that it is such a blessing to know what can literally save my body from destroying itself!  I don’t have to have a positive biopsy to know that my body is in destruct mode when I consume gluten.

My mission

I’m on a mission to help those that are struggling with the diagnosis of celiac disease. To help them find their groove. To help them to understand what the disease is, how to live their best lives and how to lessen the tough emotions stemming from Celiac Disease. Feelings of isolation, uncertainty, frustration, and depression, I am here providing resources and hope!