Gluten Free Transformation Program

This program is designed to propel you years ahead in your gluten-free journey. You will not only gain invaluable knowledge, skills, and support but also learn how to truly thrive in your gluten-free lifestyle!

Anti Inflammatory Protocol and Program

Struggling with inflammation? Whether in your gut, your joints or throughout your entire body, this program will help you minimize inflammation and learn the skills to help your body thrive!

Dear Gluten,

We are never ever getting back together!


Gluten is like a bad boyfriend that you just can’t seem to break up with and you secretly want to keep going back for more.🙈

I never really realized how much food was the center of all that we do- until we had to go gluten free.

I mean, do people even want to connect anymore, or do they just want to eat all-the-time?

In navigating new gluten free waters it makes me think of Samuel Coleridges poem where he states ‘Water water everywhere- but not a drop to drink’

For us it is like…

‘Food food everywhere- but not a bite to eat.’

Seriously, what do you even eat now? Why are there so many people around and yet this journey feels so lonely? How do you keep treading these waters? Why isn’t there a life preserver for gluten?

Well, that is the very WHY behind my  program! I created it just for YOU! I am here to swim out to you and give you the ‘Gluten Free Preserver,’ the very thing that will help you feel as if you can walk on that water! I am here for you, I got you! Schedule a call HERE to see if this is the right fit for you!

Xox, Coral

Coral Ward Barajas


No matter where you are in your gluten free journey, I have got you


What is included in the 'GFT' program:

The tailored to you, step-by-step, transformation program includes:

  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Coaching segments
  • Guided Hands-on Workbook
  • Printables
  • Meal Plan Guides
  • 10 Day Food Journal
  • Gluten Free Product Guide
  • Baking With Coral Recipe Book
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Trusted by over 3,500 Gluten-Free Health Seekers, Worldwide.


‘I Just finished the eCourse and have been blown away! I thought I knew a lot about Celiac’s and gluten-free living, but now I feel so much more prepared and supported. Highly recommend this course.’ 

Mary's Gluten Free Journey


‘This Course is exactly what someone with celiac disease needs to feel informed, confident and successful in their new journey. There’s no one I trust more than Coral!’

Marisa's Gluten Free Journey
I'll Help You Stay Healthy

The Trainer

Gluten Free You and Me Podcast

Coral Ward Barajas

Coral -aka- 'the gluten free coach' has celiac disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as a daughter with 5 auto immune disease. Coral has a 100% gluten free home. While you may not need to be as extreme as a celiac (which you will learn more about in the course) you WILL learn how to mentally and physically rock a gluten free lifestyle with no shame while cutting inflammation throughout your body!

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