Coral Ward Barajas

Hey there

I’m Coral

After 8 years of trial and error, bad recipes, tears of frustration and uncertainty… I now am an expert at running a gluten free household.

As a mother of 4, an autoimmune advocate and a celiac expert, I am on a mission to provide resources and tools for others trying to find their gluten free groove all while cutting inflammation.

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Top Resources

Join the Coaching Program that will take years off of your gluten free grind. In just 12 weeks your home, your mind and your life will be transformed to live your best gluten-free life!

Listen to the #1 rated gluten free podcast. Learning the best tips on how to ‘gluten free’ from the top brands, scientists, doctors and more.

Coral sees a need in her own life and creates a solution for them. With her guides, recipes and handouts you will be well on your gluten free way!


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