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TRAILER: Gluten Free You & Me

Have you ever had a crazy burning feeling that you needed to do something and then you kept pushing it away because you felt like there is no way you can cram in one more thing???


Well, I sure have, actually, too many to count. But the most recent one is what I want to shout from the roof tops today because you guys… I did it!!! I pushed aside all the excuses I was telling myself and made this dream a reality!


You guys I HAVE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED THE GLUTEN FREE YOU & ME PODCAST!!! Like what?!? This is huge right?


I have been talking to and interviewing so many gluten free guru’s lately and have been dying to share with you even a snippet of the real-raw-tips and tricks of some amazing celiacs, gluten free eaters, companies and organizations that I have been bursting at the seams to share them with YOU!


And now… I have a place where I can coach through some tough emotions…provide you with hope… give you a place to hang out with me while you drive, or take a run or shoot while your flying in a plane on your way to take the best vacation of your gluten free life with more excitement and tools to help you rock wherever your destination may bring you to.


I mostly felt that I needed to do this to pay it forward. To provide something that I wish I had when we were first diagnosed and frankly even now… okay maybe I am a bit selfish for even doing this… you guys the people, the companies, the organizations that I will be featuring here are the very people that I want to pick their brain to help me even 4 years into my journey!


So without any further adieu… I present to you the Gluten Free You & Me Podcast!!!!!

And if there are any people, companies, brands, or organizations that you wish I would interview… email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to feature them!

Gluten Free you and me podcast
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