Gluten Free and dairy free charcuterie board

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Charcuterie Board

In all it's variety… get creative and have fun with this one! You can grab my gluten free product guide for more inspiration and for other safe brands. Karalynne from @Just.Ingredients and compile this guide and so it is not only safe choices but healthier choices as well! Get the products guide HERE!

Gluten Free pasta

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Living

I am now- learning to manage a new groove of gluten free and dairy free lifestyle. Thankfully we have amazing resources and bloggers out there that are generous and kind. Alicia from @foodallergiessimplified reached out and wanted to send me some recipes to share with all of us!! Of course I gratefully accepted her generosity and below you will get to read all about Alicia and have some amazing GF and DF recipes!