Personalized Celiac Disease Information Sheet (PDF Version)


Customized celiac disease information sheet perfect for back to school preparation.

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This customized celiac disease information sheet is perfect for back to school preparation. Teachers, staff, friends, neighbors even extended family will appreciate this more than ever.

The first page is solid information that we need those caring for our child to know. From explaining the importance and awareness of even a crumb of gluten to teaching about gluten in playdough.

The second page is where it gets fun. You get to customize the page with information, a brief history of their diagnosis, share their favorite safe treats, and even customize it with a few pictures.

Start this school year off right and help your teachers and staff be informed with this sheet… we need more ‘celiac’ education going on and this is a perfect start!


Make sure to have the most current {{FREE}} version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. (Click on the link below or copy & paste into your internet browser.)


  • are 3 quick & easy steps. It should take several minutes for everything to download. Follow the prompts as directed.

Once it’s downloaded you may edit your PDF (Page 2). Just click where you’d like to edit, type in information or search for image.

Once everything is how you’d like… Print out & Enjoy!

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