2.11 Gluten Free & Dating

I was thrown back into the dating world after 12 years of marriage… I could have an entire podcast dedicated to just dating after a divorce case let me tell you- that comes with just about every emotion there is and I have stories for days!!!… but you throw gluten free into the mix and it makes things just a tad bit trickier.

The main points that we discuss in this episode are:

     How and when do you tell someone you are gluten free?

     Navigating eating out and picking a place.

     What about kissing after they have eaten gluten?

     What do you do if they aren’t on board with how you are eating?

And we have a special guest at the end JR Fonoimoana sharing his experience with dating me. From the first date to now and how he has processed and understood the importance of my health. This is a great episode to share with someone you are dating!

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