2.18 Gluten Free Gift Box: Support in Every Bite

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of thoughtful gifting, especially when your loved one is picky or, in our case, gluten-free. We’ll be joined by a very special guest who has a unique perspective on this topic.

Meet Our Guest: Our guest today is Calli McPherson, a remarkable mom, wife, and small business owner. In 2018, while 18 weeks pregnant, Calli received a life-changing diagnosis: Celiac disease. Instead of letting this define her, Calli combined her entrepreneurial spirit with her newfound gluten-free lifestyle. In August 2020, she launched “William James Gifts,” a gourmet gluten-free gift basket company. Just fourteen months later, she opened her first storefront, where she offers a range of gourmet gluten-free foods, unique gifts, and, of course, her signature gift baskets. Calli’s mission is to inspire others to view Celiac as not an end but a powerful new beginning that can transform us into stronger versions of ourselves.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Calli’s Celiac diagnosis ignited her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The inspiration behind William James Gifts and their gourmet gluten-free gift baskets.
  • The importance of staying positive and optimistic when living with dietary restrictions.
  • Why allergen-friendly gift options are truly remarkable and heartwarming.

More info on the the gift baskets: https://www.williamjamesgifts.com/

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