How To Get To The Root Of Your Symptoms

2.27 How To Get To The Root Of Your Symptoms

Have you ever faced health issues that no doctor could solve? Maybe they prescribed some meds and sent you on your way, but that’s not a cure—it’s just a temporary fix. What if you could uncover the root cause of what your body is truly asking for?

Today we have 2 incredible humans doing major things in this world to bring you true healing in your gut, hormones, mood, and your overall life!

Joshua Halls is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is very passionate about advocating for overall health and wellness. He currently oversees and is the medical director with Root Solutions. Josh has a background in biology, including disease process, prevention over prescription, and treating the root rather than another bandaid. Josh strongly advocates for patients to achieve and maintain their healthiest lives possible, keeping up with current trends and research to safely provide individualized care holistically and bridging health gaps as needed. As a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, he continues his education with Evidence-Based Practice to provide the best and most effective care for his patients. 

Tyson Wilcox is a Physician’s  Assistant with 5+ years of experience in medicine. Initially, He worked in Family Medicine, and Urgent Care addressing symptoms rather than the root of so many health concerns and issues.

Driven by the desire to make a more profound impact on his patients’ well-being, Tyson decided to make a significant change and founded Root Solutions. At Root Solutions, his mission is to dive deeper into health concerns, providing comprehensive care that addresses the underlying issues rather than just the symptoms. This transition allows Tyson to practice medicine in a more meaningful and impactful way, aligning with his passion for truly helping patients achieve better health and outcomes. 

Understanding how YOUR body functions and what you can do to help yourself thrive. Get to the root cause of your symptoms with Root Solution’s hair analysis!!!

…And you can do this from anywhere in the United States!

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