Losing weight without dieting

Episode 64: 3 Best Tips To Losing Weight Without Dieting

I sure loved this chat with Katie Corbett! I learned so much about the psychology of yoyo dieting. She is a true inspiration- a walking, talking, true inspiration!

Katie is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Wellness & Health Coach who specializes in weight loss. She has a Masters Degree in Community Health Education and started Health Wellness & Chocolate after struggling with her own weight for 30 years. After giving herself a “year of grace”, she stopped dieting and started researching to understand the psychology behind weight loss.

Once she started applying the research to her own life, the weight began to come off. 60 pounds later, she turned her journey into a course to help other women lose weight for the last time and go from feeling powerless around food to being empowered and having peace with food without a crazy eating plan or insane exercise routine.

Here is the link to The Health & Wellness Blueprint, I offer a $1 trial and if they like it, they have an exclusive offer for $100 off the price, typically $397/ for lifetime access to the course but it’s only $297 with the trial. Here is that link https://www.healthwellnessandchocolate.com/pl/146304

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Losing weight without dieting
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