6 Miscarriages and 15 Years of Pain, Now Committing to Gluten Free

78. 6 Miscarriages and 15 Years of Pain, Now Committing to Gluten Free

The topic today is real and raw. I know a lot of you can relate. The journey of becoming gluten free is going to look different for each of us. But ultimately we get to decide when we will make our own selves our priority and really commit to helping our bodies heal and thrive!  Raela’s journey is oh so inspiring, but her realization didn’t come over night, nor did it come from her doctor. She is fighting for her and now listening to her body and is feeling so much better already! She is the most caring and selfless person, always putting herself last… I truly believe that is why it has taken her so long to do this for herself! She is incredible and happens to be my sister!

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6 Miscarriages and 15 Years of Pain, Now Committing to Gluten Free
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