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Episode 45: Behind The Scenes Of The Gluten-Free Label

I love talking to those that work with certifying our food as safe. Tune in to hear the answers to my personal questions in understanding the safety of the foods I consume.

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Today I had the amazing privilege to speak with Michelle Spano who is the the Communications Manager at the Gluten intolerance group. She oversees their social media as well as all communications in and out of the organization. She is gluten-free and lives in New Jersey with her husband and son. She loves to cook and bake, and has had quite quite the adventure throughout this quarantine time with working full-time and being solo with a toddler. 

I know I can relate to her and I am sure so many of you can too. I loved talking to her today, anytime I speak with anyone from the gig, I have that much more respect for our certified gluten free label on our favorite products. The entire organization is like one big gluten free family. Today, I think you will feel that love for them as you listen to this conversation I had with Michelle, She is transparent, sincere and loves the work she is doing!


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Gluten Free labels
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