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Episode 61: The New Gluten Free Scanning App

The new gluten- free -game- changing- mobile app is more accurate than any other app out there. It’s not just an app- but it’s a community! Tune in to hear why and how it will change your life!


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Have you ever wondered if a product was safe and don’t know where to turn for a real answer? I sure have… let’s be real- label reading can be so hard.

I have had a few scanning apps that have helped me in the past. But they quickly seem out of date and not very accurate. It is hard and makes it trusting products so confusing.

Recently I have fallen in love with a new mobile app called Spoonful. It is more than just a scanning app- it is the foundation of an amazing GF community. I can’t wait for you to hear more about it in this episode as I have Deepa, the co founder of this amazing new app!

She’s currently Founder and CEO of Spoonful, a food discovery app that helps people make smarter food choices through data and AI. Spoonful is grounded in the food as medicine movement and is building the first platform to connect what we eat to how we feel.

A New Jersey native, Deepa graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Public and International Affairs from Princeton University. She moved to Southern California where she earned her J.D. from UCLA. After living in LA for several years, she moved to the Bay Area to pursue her passion for tech, where she now resides with her husband and boisterous young boys.


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Gluten Free Scanning App
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