gluten free and still sick

Episode 36: When Gluten-Free is Not Enough Part 2 + Food Journal

We could not fit all the goodness we needed to into one episode. SO we did TWO! 

Listen in to see how Kathlena, aka @theallergychef, calls me out and gives me an assignment. 

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Generally speaking when you have gut damage there can be several culprits. Do certain foods cause inflammation? Bloating? Sleepy? Tune in and get all the inside scoop!

To help you along this journey, I have created a 10 Day Food Journal and it’s in the shop for 50% off right now through Saturday 2/15 at 11:59pm PST! You have been asking me about this for MONTHS and I am so excited to finally have a resource for you. The 10 Day Food Journal will help you get a visual of how your body responds to each food item you consume, and you will start to see patterns within the first week. Listen to your body. This is also the perfect addition to take to your next doctor appointment. Let’s face it, testing for allergies and intolerance for every food you consume is impossible. This tracker will help you narrow it down and finally get more answers to unexplained symptoms.

You will not just be logging your food, but your mood, your sleep and much more! There are so many factors to our health and I wanted to have a space for you to track all facets of your life. Get yours now and join me starting Monday February 17th for

a 10 Day Food Journal Challenge!!

10 Day Gluten Free Food Journal

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gluten free and still sick
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