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2.20 Brand New To Gluten Free, Do These 3 Things Today!

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I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of people just like you, and I’ve seen them not just survive but thrive in their gluten-free living. It’s not about it being magically easy, but it is about being intentional, doable, and healing for your body and soul. Imagine the strength it takes to resist the allure of a decadent chocolate cake at a party – that’s the kind of willpower you’re cultivating.

Today, I want to share three actionable steps you can take, starting today, that will make a world of difference. Be sure to listen to the entire episode, because I go into detail as to how to do these 3 things most efficiently!

3 Best Tips to Start Your Gluten Free Journey

1. Create Your Gluten-Free Menu: Make a list of three breakfast options, three lunch ideas, three dinner recipes, three snack choices, and three desserts. Having these go-to options will make meal planning and grocery shopping much simpler.

2. Organize Your Kitchen: Create a designated a shelf or space in your fridge, freezer, and pantry for gluten-free items. Having a safe shelf ensures your food won’t cross-contaminate, giving you peace of mind.

3. Find Your Gluten-Free Resources: Discover stores near you that offer a variety of gluten-free products. While it’s tempting to buy everything labeled “gluten-free,” it’s not necessary. Some packaged foods might not be suitable for your taste or budget. Look for gluten-free options at places like

Walmart (Walmart Pick Up Discount on first order)


Thrive Market (You get 40% off your first order, All orders get free shipping over $49)

and local stores like Smiths, Kroger, or Ralphs.


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Remember, I’ve got your back. I have a comprehensive gluten-free guide available on my website. It’s packed with valuable information to make your journey smoother. And if you want to spread the knowledge, I’ve created free ‘I am gluten-free & I have celiac disease’ printables you can share with others.

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