Healthier gluten free diet

Episode 13: 4 Secrets to Living a Healthier Gluten Free Life

How many times have you heard, ‘Don’t worry it’s healthy- it’s gluten free’? I can not even begin to count… the sad truth is – I used to believe that!

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But then I realized after living a gluten free lifestyle for a while that I was still experiencing a lot of discomfort. That is when I started eliminating other foods, other ingredients and even did the whole 30 diet to help me detox from so many packaged unhealthy food choices. I truly began to feel better and feel more energy. The same timing that I was trying to learn and grow with my health, I found Karalynne who became my go to source for all things dealing with ingredients and inflammation.

Just because you live gluten free, does not mean you are healthy and for sure doesn’t mean you are free from inflammation and discomfort. 

Karalynne from @Just.Ingredients shares her top 4 tips that have made the biggest impact in her gluten free health journey. She may not have celiac disease or a gluten allergy, but what she does share is how gluten makes her feel and also the importance of eating better foods that will not cause the very inflammation she is trying to avoid. Listen in and here how these four tips can change how you feel and how you allow your gut to heal!

  1.  Eat Naturally gluten-free foods.
  2. Not to replace everything with corn.
  3. Cook without gluten. Meaning don’t find a replacement for everything… eat more Whole Foods.
  4. Know your ‘healthier & safe’ go-to brands

Check out the Ultimate Gluten Free Guide that shows over 130 brands and foods that are Karalynne approved and also gluten free safe.

Healthier gluten free diet
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