Don't be so hard on yourself

Episode 14: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

It seems like I am constantly trying to remind myself that I am doing okay. That this life isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon.

By default, I am really hard on myself. I wear a lot of hats… A lot of hats that I have created and put on my own head. I completely recognize that this is my own doing. I happen to have a creative mind that never shuts off. Working on and accomplishing dreams of mine is what fuels me!!

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What I have to remind myself is that I don’t have to do it all overnight. I have my entire life to accomplish any dream. I have 4 sweet kids that I get to call my own. What a blessing they are. I love them more than words can express. Since our family has turned 100% gluten-free I have made it a point to have food be a priority, cause really food is our lifeline… gluten-free food that is. I try to involve my kids. Link up with companies that I believe in and be our best gluten free selves.
No matter what part of the journey you are on, embrace it. Look around and see how you can make today bright! What small changes can you make to bring a little more joy and not as much pressure and disappointment?
Every day looks different because everyday my focus shifts to what is at the present, what is right in front of me and needs my attention the most. Some days, I see my kids and stop everything just to do a puzzle with them. Some days, I need to work a little harder or longer hours. I try to embrace that and allow myself to be proud of the fact that I am a hard worker and that my children get to see first hand what hard work looks like. Some days, I serve in my church from sun up til sun down. I love that my children get to see the different hats that I wear. I truly believe that that is healthy and good.

But sometimes that leaves me a little bit run down… and that is when I try to pause and reevaluate my schedule. Turn on a movie, read a book or even get a massage. And ultimately remember that I AM ENOUGH!!

My celiac/gluten free journey has taught me a lot! I knew that if I held a standard so high, that I had to be perfect as I was figuring out how to navigate my new lifestyle, I would have lost my mind!

BABY STEPS. I did this transition in baby steps… I didn’t throw away all my food all at once, I didn’t buy all new pots and pans the next day.

Listen to this podcast that I recorded with one of my Instagram followers, Pam, who has now become a good friend. Pam has been gluten free for over a year and is also a registered nurse with a great understanding of gluten and its effects on people with a myriad of cases. In this episode, she shares her journey, advice for staying positive, and encourages all of us to be our best gluten free self!

With each weekly podcast release, it is my goal to give you a little more hope, a little more support and help you feel the love that I have for YOU!!!

Don't be so hard on yourself

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