Celiac Disease

Food Dyes… WHY???

I have been hearing more and more of the negative effects that food dye can cause to the body. About 2 months ago I made a friend of mine some ‘RED’ Chocolate Popcorn. They did not know of any food allergies and her kids finished the bowl within minutes. That night one of her daughters came down with a terrible rash and woke up to hives. They eat butter popcorn all the time so we did not suspect that was the culprit.

Celiac Disease and ‘Failure to Thrive’

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease where the body is literally attacking itself. The damage that gluten causes internally is horrific… but oftentimes one can visually see it as well. This is exactly what my 2-year-old was facing with extreme side effects.

6 Best Tips If You Have Been ‘Glutened’

If only gluten was neon pink… then it would be obvious if we are consuming something with even a trace of gluten in it. Sadly, that is not the way it is… we have to be OH SO CAREFUL about what we eat and where we eat it. These tips I share below are things that we literally do in our home to help when we have been contaminated with gluten.

Celiac Disease is not just ‘in your HEAD’… it’s in your GUT!

Now I am a total geek for a good diagram and I have found one that I LOVE!!! Lets dissect through it and get a visual for what is happening inside your body with celiac disease. Looking deep inside the small intestines, in particular, the villi which their functioning role is to absorb nutrients and carry it to the rest of the body. When these villi’s are damaged then they can not do their job.