drinking your greens

Drinking Your Greens

My favorite New Years Resolution for 2019 has definitely been my Celery Juicing Craze!!

Literally, every morning for the month of January, I started my day with a cold glass of Celery Juice! Straight Celery Juice! I was always amazed at how many people asked me for the recipe…heehee…

The results were amazing. I had more energy, less bloating, headaches subsided, I didn’t crave sugar as much, and I felt my kidneys were healthier. Now you may be thinking- how in the world do you feel your kidneys were healthier… but the truth is- I have no idea… I just did. And this is coming from a true kidney stone survivor. 

I have had 9 kidney stones to date. And I hope to never have another! But for some unexplained reason… I literally felt healthier in my kidneys! (To learn more about the benefits of celery juicing go check out Medical Medium)

Thankfully my resolution didn’t end in January. I have celery juiced throughout the entire year. Whenever I feel like I need to reset my body. I love it.

 This is coming from a person who doesn’t even like to eat celery. The first time I tried it juiced, I thought I may just want to throw up. But day after day I started craving it. Not in a ‘I love the taste’ but more like ‘I love the way I feel’. Suddenly the taste stopped bothering me all together, no more cringing when I drank it. I would gulp it down and wish I had more!

I started this resolution with a random cheap juicer I found off amazon because I was truly worried I wouldn’t stick with it. Hows that for confidence in a goal🤦🏼‍♀️. But I soon realized that I needed to invest in a good juicer. One that would pull more of the juice out of my veggies(and my cheap juicer start leaking all over the place).

 I found my favorite juicer at ExpoWest. It was pretty much love at first sight. It was small, mighty and extracted the juice out of every veggie like I had never seen. I was pumped.
I am so pumped to tell you that I now own my favorite juicer!! This week on Instagram I am doing a giveaway and Shine is gifting one lucky winner the best early Christmas present… their very own Shine Cold Press Juicer!
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