gluten free on a budget

Episode 25: Gluten Free on a Budget

Eating gluten free is not always easy to navigate and can be so expensive if you don’t create a plan. I love the quote that says ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail’!

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Are you like me and took hours and hours the first time at the grocery store to find just a few gluten free items that were safe? And then once I figured out all the gluten free goods, I ended up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars each week at the grocery store. It has been a long time coming but I finally after 4 years I have found my groove and now spend about $125 per week to feed a family of 6. This is crazy awesome, like music should be playing in the background when you read this. That is a BIG deal! But you know what- the truth is after recording this podcast episode… I learned so much and realize that I can save even more by applying a tiny bit more planning and a bit more creativity.

Today I have Chandice Probst From This Vivacious Life with us talking all about eating gluten free on a budget… she shares such great tips with us. She has been cooking with her mother since she was a small girl and that has definitely paid off! And now she is sharing her tips to help us eat our best with this gluten-free lifestyle!


Chandice Probst is the bubbly personality behind This Vivacious Life. She is a food and entertaining blogger and the co-author of Gluten-Free on a Budget. Chandice’s work has been featured in print and online industry publications, most notably Mingle Magazine, Women’s World, and Kara’s Party Ideas. As someone with celiac disease and a degree in health science, she has led the charge in hosting celiac awareness nights with MLB and NBA teams around the nation raising money for research. While she loves to cook and entertain, Chandice loves being a wife and mother most.

Chandice has an amazing must have for every gluten free kitchen,

Gluten Free on a Budget.


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gluten free on a budget