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Episode 26: Top 3 Tips for Going Gluten Free

1 in every 100 people have Celiac Disease — they just don’t know it yet. Don’t those numbers floor you?!? Like jaw-dropping right? I almost feel like it’s my obligation to share about it- I mean- people are suffering!! I can’t just stand by and watch! On today’s podcast, I’m sharing my Top 3 Tips for Going Gluten Free! I’m sharing the nitty gritty of how to mentally prepare yourself for the new food changes, including how to plan out your meals, and how to use going gluten free as a jumping-off point for introducing healthy habits into your daily life. I’m also sharing BONUS tips such as: 

1. How to create a list of easy food swaps

2. Information about reading labels

3. How to call manufacturer’s

PLUS I have SEVERAL resources of accounts to follow on Instagram that can help YOU have a successful transition while going gluten free.

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Remember, I’ve got your back. I have a comprehensive gluten-free guide available on my website. It’s packed with valuable information to make your journey smoother. And if you want to spread the knowledge, I’ve created free ‘I am gluten-free & I have celiac disease’ printables you can share with others.

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starting gluten free
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