Gluten Free kitchen from scratch

Episode 34: Create a Gluten-Free Kitchen From Scratch

On today’s episode of the Gluten Free You & Me Podcast, we are diving deep into creating a gluten-free kitchen from scratch! Susan Neal, RN, MBA, MHS and author of the book Solving the Gluten Puzzle, takes you through a journey to ensure you have a safe and stress free home. Her warm endearing voice had me mesmerized throughout this entire interview! So sit back and allow yourself to be taught, and take a few notes because she has some amazing tips to share! 

Also, do you have a favorite social media platform? Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook… I want to see your gluten free face there too. So go find me @servingceliacs wherever you like to hang out and go and have the best gluten free day!

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 Susan is on a mission to help others reclaim their health. Eight years ago she lost her health. She had to fight to get it back. Now she wants to help others improve their health and weight. To learn more, go to 

Gluten Free Kitchen Tips: 

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Gluten Free kitchen from scratch
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