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Episode 33: The Best Gluten-Free Vacation

Disneyland…it really is the “Happiest Place on Earth!” And even though Disney is THE BEST at Gluten Free, it can be overwhelming to plan a Disney vacation AND have to figure out where all the safe gluten free food is all on your own. On today’s episode of the Gluten Free You and Me Podcast, I am featuring not just one but TWO power house women, Jamie and Elisa from @MyGlutenFreeWorldExpo, that doers for our gluten free community. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for you to hear where we are going AND hear about the upcoming events where we can all hang out at… including at the happiest place on earth with the happiest gluten free people!!!

We talk about Jamie and Elisa’s mission and how they got started, the greatest gluten free vacation where YOU can join us, and the annual gluten free expos they hold! Click below to listen, then join the conversation over on Instagram!

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Jamie and Elisa met while working as travel agents in Orlando over a decade ago.  They quickly learned that they had three things in common: searching out really good food, always having their next trip planned, and the quest for a really good shopping deal.  Being gluten free for over a decade didn’t change this: we are still always on the search for the best gluten free products, we always have a trip planned somewhere and we love a good warehouse sale. 

They have 5 kids between them and have battled other food allergies and medical issues while taking their kids across the country and the ocean to see the world.  Our favorite things are annual passes to Disneyland, re-runs of Schitt’s Creek and an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

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gluten free vacation
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