Essential oils and gut health

Episode 23: Do Essential Oils Really Help Gut Health

Essential oils can be a hot and somewhat controversial subject. I have so many friends and family who swear by them, and I’ll be honest, for a long time I may or may not have believed it was all in their head. Through the years I have grown my one testimonial of the power of oils and the associated gut health benefits.

Today I share a few of my personal stories with you as I interview one amazing oil GURU that actually has Celiac disease herself. Amy Carver, an essential oil educator, gives us the low down on some of the key oils that can really help a suffering gut! In today’s episode we cover:

– What are essential oils?

– How to use oils?

– What oils support the digestive system?

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Since we don’t have any medications that can offset the effects of being “glutened,” we have to get creative. Listen below to discover the top oils that have literally saved my family, and taken away our excruciating stomach cramps in seconds. For more gluten-free tips and tricks, make sure you’re following along on Facebook, our Serving Celiacs Community Facebook Group, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Amy Carver (@that.lavender.lady) is an Essential Oil Educator, Certified AromaTouch Instructor & Licensed Esthetician. Amy first got started with Essential Oils 6+ years ago when she was searching for a holistic approach to infertility. 

Just 3 months into oils she was able to get pregnant. She now has 2 girls with her husband Jonathan, is super passionate about health, and even more intrigued by the emotional connections our bodies have to illnesses and oils. 

She is a motivational speaker and coaches thousands around the world on Health & Essential Oils.


Amy is also a strong advocate of personal development and serving those around her and is working on having a global influence on the world through the help of Essential Oils. DEAL ALERT: I have teamed up with my favorite essential oil brand, doTERRA, and have curated three amazing options for all of us who are gluten free!

Home Essentials Kit

Gut Health Maintenance Bundle

Got “Glutened” Bundle 

Still have essential oils questions? Leave a comment below or on social media and let me know!

Essential oils and gut health
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