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Episode 22: Make Food Exciting Again with @HealthyGfFamily

Gluten free food tends to get a bad rap in the media and even among friends of mine. Think how many times have you shared with a friend that you eat gluten free, only to hear… I’m so sorry, that sounds awful

So, what do you eat then? Rabbit food? I could never do that, I love good food too much While it’s TOTALLY understandable that someone outside of gluten free living may have this perspective, those of us who live gluten free know better. Eating gluten free food does not have to be boring or gross, and on today’s podcast, Karen from Healthy GF Family is teaching us how to make food exciting again!

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Buffalo Cauliflower + Chickpea Tacos with Vegan Ranch Dressing from https://www.healthygffamily.com

Karen is the mom of a 14 year old son who was diagnosed with celiac disease over 9 years ago, just before his 5th birthday. A former beauty marketing executive, Karen started Healthy Gluten-Free Family 3 1/2 years ago out of combined passion for great tasting, healthy food and her son’s need to eat 100% gluten-free. And it wasn’t just that he had to eat gluten-free… ever since her son was a toddler, he was an adventurous eater who wanted to taste everything and really enjoyed the entire dining experience. 

Karen was determined not let celiac disease stand in the way of that. These days Karen shares easy gluten-free recipes on social media and on her website, as well as a behind the scenes look at what the family is cooking and eating day to day.

She does this to inspire people who need to eat gluten-free and show them, their friends and family how to embrace a gluten-free life and still eat healthy, delicious food that is quick and easy to prepare. She also shares insights on raising a celiac child, traveling with celiac and not letting celiac stand in the way of her son living a full and healthy life. Visit healthyGFfamily.com or follow Karen on Instagram so learn more.


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Exciting gluten free
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