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Episode 21: The Secret Ingredient to Gluten Free Cooking

Gluten free cooking, especially baking, can be a struggle. But it does not have to be! With the holidays literally around the corner, so many of you have messaged me asking for my best tips and tricks for gluten free holiday cooking. That’s why I am beyond thrilled to introduce today’s podcast guest, Tara Rylie Haack, who is one amazing baker and not just by chance. She has had her fair share of challenges and set backs but has not allowed them to stop her at all. She has taken her challenges, learned how to navigate the gluten free food world, and is paying it forward!

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Tara Rylie is a creative entrepreneur and gluten free guru.  After running her own gluten free bakery for 5 years, Rylie decided to take her experience in gluten free baking and turn it into a brand that would help all Celiacs and gluten free eaters find their groove in the kitchen again.  This fall Rylie brought to market a line of 6 gluten free, non-GMO flour blends as well as her very first cookbook, Lick The Bowl: RylieCakes Essential Guide to Gluten Free Baking.  

In addition to her love of baking, Rylie is passionate about the environment.  You will find her book is made from previously recycled paper and her blends are packaged in 100% biodegradable pouches.  So go ahead and treat yourself, treat planet earth.

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And here is a little bonus from Rylie… 6 Tips to Gluten Free Baking!

gluten free cooking secret
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