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Episode 20: Plant Based Nutrition and Gut Health

We all know we should be eating our vegetables (thanks Mom!) but are we eating enough? And what are the benefits of front loading our diets with plant based eating?

All of these questions and more are answered on today’s episode of the Gluten Free You and Me Podcast! My guest today is Sarah Keal, a nutrition coach and digestive specialist for vegetarians and vegans on a gluten-free diet, and she is giving us ALL the insider info behind plant based nutrition. She shares the differences between vegan, vegetarian, and a plant based diet, while also busting some common myths and misconceptions about plant based eating. Plus she shares something about vegans that I had NO CLUE about!

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Sarah Keal is a nutrition coach and digestive specialist for vegetarians and vegans on a gluten-free diet. She works with clients one-on-one to find a diet that actually feels good so they can finally eat in peace and stop focusing on food. 

By creating a supportive lifestyle and making simple mindset shifts to move out of fear and overwhelm, they can enjoy their food and trust their bodies again. Gluten-free and plant-based aren’t mutually exclusive and you don’t have to choose between your health and your heart!

plant based gluten free
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