finding joy in trials

Episode 28: Finding Joy in our Journey

Sometimes I wish I was more like a little child. Fully engulfed in precious moments that no one can ‘STEAL MY JOY’ ⁠

Adulting is hard. Trying to find joy in moments that are so difficult can sometimes seem impossible. But as I look around as see amazing examples around me I am reminded that I have find joy in journey no matter what is thrown my way.⁠

Today’s podcast episode is a little different, but it’s the message of hope we all need. Because let’s face it, life can be so hard… like so hard… trials come that we do not anticipate. I recently was taking to someone and they said something that really resonated with me… “if you are thinking about someone and wondering if they are going through a hard time- you will be right a majority of the time.” No one is free from trials. Today on the podcast I have Bekah Bowman, author of Can’t Steal my Joy. She is a walking example of finding joy no matter what life throws at you.

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Bekah Bowman is a coach’s wife and a mom to two boys, Titus and Ely. She recently published her first book, “Can’t Steal My Joy: The Journey to a Different Kind of Brave.” 

Bekah is passionate about journeying alongside other hurting people and helping individuals and families facing dificult circumstances find life-giving community. She has been a teacher, a behavioral specialist, a children’s pastor, freelance writer and non-profit volunteer manager. And she’s loved it all.


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Can’t Steal My Joy book:

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Instagram: @cantstealmyjoy2

Facebook: @Team4TitusEly (Team 4 Titus & Ely)

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finding joy in trials
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