Gluten Free Baking Subscription box

Episode 49: The Box Every Gluten-Free Family Needs


Out of all the Gluten Free Packages we receive, my kids favorite- hands down is the The Little GF Chef box. We get it monthly and it is seriously so much fun.

Today, I have Jereann with us and she shares her success story of creating the greatest boxes and gifts any gluten free family would enjoy!

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Jereann Zann is the founder of Little GF Chefs, and the proud mom of two amazing kids. Her daughter has celiac disease and a dairy allergy, while her son has gluten sensitivity.


One of the biggest challenges she faces raising children on restricted diets is helping them build self confidence when they often feel different or left out at school and social gatherings. When she realized that getting her kids in the kitchen was having a tremendous, positive impact on their self-confidence and teaching them to have a positive relationship with food, she was compelled to help other families through Little GF Chefs.

Jereann is also the recipe creator, chief dishwasher and photographer at Celiac Mama, as well as a national speaker, celiac disease advocate, marketing professional and member of International Women’s Forum.

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Gluten Free Baking Subscription box
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