The Ultimate Gluten Free Guide

This may be one of my favorite resources that I have created to date! I am so excited to present to you the GLUTEN FREE GUIDE from Karalynne with just.ingredients and I.

Now, I realize going gluten-free is quite the undertaking, and I do not take it lightly. When we were first diagnosed, I was lost, confused, and had no idea what I was supposed to eat.

Man, I wish I had this cheat sheet years ago! But since I didn’t, I want to help fill that void in your life. You may be asking yourself… what’s a gluten free guide? If so, good question! The gluten free guide will be your new shopping guide. Print it out, research online to find out where you can locate these good foods, take it with you to the grocery store and get your family in the best shape!

Not only will this guide give you safe choices, it will provide you with  better choices. This is where Karalynne from just.ingredients brings us her wealth of knowledge! Perhaps you’ve eaten gluten free for some time, yet you’re still not feeling your best. This gluten free guide is going to help you learn better choices, to help you start removing some of the toxins that you’ve been used to putting into your body.

I think the biggest misconception of eating gluten-free is that people say “oh, you’re so healthy”. Have you had someone say that to you? I have countless times.  I kind of laugh because… do they know that Hershey’s chocolate is gluten-free? Do they know that Lays Potato Chips are gluten-free? Do they not realize that A LOT of ice creams are gluten-free? We can do a little bit better, actually, we can do a lot better and this guide is here to help you.

I can’t wait for you to get this gluten-free guide and be able to have it right along with you! Use it next time you’re out shopping, as you’re looking online or as you’re ordering your food. I think this is KEY and will save you hours at the grocery store while you’re trying to find the safest choices.

To learn more about a gluten free lifestyle and finding your own groove click here.

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