Gluten Free Travels and what not to forget

Episode 4: Traveling Gluten Free Hawaiian Style Blog & Podcast


When I hear the word ‘vacation’ I get giddy inside… like yes PLEASE… sign me up! My bags are packed in my head and we are already there… but then…

Then the second, and the third, and the fourth thoughts enter my head… can we really do this… can we go there and be gluten free… safe? How would we be safe? How would we not get glutened and still enjoy our vacation?

Are you feeling me? Well, we literally made our Hawaii dreams come true this last month as we took our entire family… yes all 6 of us to Oahu Hawaii! We had a blast and the best part was… no-one got glutened!!! That calls for celebration and we call that a big vacation success!

My messages have been blowing up requesting me to write this blogpost to share all the places we stayed at, ate and played at… so here you go!!!

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 Anywhere with a full kitchen!

We stayed at the Marriott Ko’Olina right next door from Disney Aulani and for a cheaper price. We booked through RedWeek and saved a ton. is a site that time share holders sell their timeshares if they aren’t able to use them. We did this and scored! Of course it is a hit and miss for a good deal on the dates you need them… but if you are flexible with your dates… you can find amazing deals! Having a full ktichen and even a washer and dryer is worth gold!  We saved so much money by going to Walmart and Costco (which both are close by) and then cooked at the Hotel for about 80% of the time! Saving money and sanity of the stress of eating out every meal.

Gluten-free Hawaii trip

Air BnB

Anywhere clean with a full kitchen!



Run everything through the dishwasher first. Don’t put silverware back into the

drawer… put in a cup upright.

Don’t use toaster, wood utensils, collanders/strainers

Buy some paper goods at walmart for safe and easy clean up

Buy a roll of aluminum foil to put over pans that you are putting in the oven!

Get Toaster bags if you feel that is important for you to toast things

If the hotel doesn’t provide paper towels

Make sure you have a brand new sponge

Make food that is quick- easy and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients or dishes.

We ate a lot of tacos, sandwiches, Cereal, eggs and fruit, rotiserrie



Plane: We flew cheap… we booked with Sun Country… No liquids allowed from the outside( just as every airline)… but we made gallon sized bags full of safe snacks for them to eat with no problems passing through security. Going to Hawaii they allowed fruit. But from Hawaii to California, they did not. Sun Country gets you on bags…. So pack lite haha… overall we had a great experience with the airline and the flight. We have flown Hawaiian and loved that airline the most…. But hey when you are booking 6 flights… we were grateful for the cheaper prices with Sun Country. Also, now Southwest flies to Hawaii…they were sold out for the dates we needed but that is sooo awesome and cheap too!  We love SouthWest


Where we ate:

North Shore Tacos

Maui Mike’s Chicken. It was good. The kids portions are tiny… so keep that in mind if your littles eat a lot.

From the Dole Plantation: PineappleWhip Ice Cream Gluten free and dairy free

California Pizza Kitchen – certified gluten free chain… and I still make a crazy big deal to my server to make sure everyone knows to be so careful in the back.

LongBoards At Marriott- They have gluten free buns- lettuce wrap hamburgers, gf Pasta (Pasta always makes me a little nervous when they aren’t a 100% free facility) and of course their fruit is divine!

Seven Brothers at the Mill- I didn’t make it there but hear raving reviews.

Puuwai Aloha Bakery- They let you try just about everything. A small whole in the wall place that is so amazing… The local feel of Alohas is definitely in there. Their cakes are sooo moist. The kids were in Heaven knowing they could taste everything and it was all safe. That is like Christmas morning to a celiac!!!



Climbworks- Seriously legit… so worth the money. The experience is like 3 hours long, ziping… From their website…’CLIMB Works Keana Farms is a 3-hour guided zip line tour that includes Oahu’s longest zip lines ranging from 500 feet to nearly half a mile long.

Participants explore a working agricultural farm on 8 world class dual lines, 2 rappels, 3 sky bridges, a fun ATV adventure to the ridgetop, and other unique surprises. Along the way you’ll learn about Hawaii’s rich history and culture while taking in constant panoramic ocean and mountain views of Oahu’s famous North Shore’ You have to be 7 to ride (I did it last year and it was soooo fun… this year I stayed with my two youngest kids and my husband took my two older kids… ages 8 & 9 and they had a complete blast, did not get scared and claim ‘that was the funnest thing of the entire vacation’.

My lovely children in Hawaii

Disney Character Breakfast (we needed to book ahead of time to do this… next time)

 Laie Temple Visitors Center– Free open to the public and a great place to take pics

Laie Temple. The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

PCC– Day- Night Show is crazy awesome!! For sensitive celiacs… like we are… I

didn’t trust it… but the night show is totally worth every penny!

Dole Plantation– we didn’t do the tour… we just walked in and got their Dole Whips!!!  

That was satisfying enough for this trip!

Pearl Harbor- we went on Memorial Day weekend and it was so incredible. So much reverence and respect… I have missed that lately in our society… it was so incredible to go. We did a free tour that lasted an hour. It was the perfect amount of time. 20 min video and then a boat ride around pearl Harbor. My kids (even my 4 year old super loved it) any longer and I would have lost their attention… but it was perfect and free!

Gluten Free Hawaii Family Vacation

Overall… you don’t have to be a hermit. Get out and live your best life even with celiac disease – especially with celiac disease.

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Gluten Free Travels and what not to forget
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