gluten eating spouse

Episode 18: A Gluten Eating Spouse

You guys! I’m so excited for this week’s Gluten Free You and Me episode, featuring my new friend, Amberly Lambertsen from A Prioritized Marriage.

 I get reader messages DAILY on @GlutenFreeWithCoral on IG asking how to manage and thrive when you have someone in your family that eats gluten and some that eat gluten free. This can be a real pain point for some families! 

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In this episode, Amberly talks all about her relationship with her husband and how she has learned to support him in his Celiac and gluten free journey. She provides tips that we can all learn from including how to still have fun date nights, enjoy special treats together like these crazy amazing donuts, and ultimately how to thrive and enjoy the journey even when it is tough.

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gluten eating spouse
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