Gluten Free Year - Mind

January: Gluten Free Your Mind

Gluten Free Your Year with Coral – January Challenge

Gluten Free Year - Mind

I am so glad you are joining me, your Gluten Free Coach- Coral Ward, on this one year journey to live your best gluten free life! It all starts with your mind! Mindset is key is all aspects of life, and this with right mindset, we can learn new things and change our behaviors for an amazing future! Oh, I am so excited to walk alongside you on this journey, so here we go–First month of Gluten Free Your Year with Coral! 

You can also listen to my Gluten Free You & Me Podcast on this topic here:

Episode 58:

Here are some of my tips for how to wrap your mind around gluten free living


“If you aren’t mentally on board, it is so hard to stay on track”

Commit to yourself that you are doing this! you can, and you will succeed, so don’t make quitting an option. When you are fully committed, you will stay on track, even when things get tough, which of course they will at times, but we can do hard things! 

“It doesn’t have to be as hard or as dramatic as we play it out in our minds”

Our minds naturally flash forward to the worst case scenario– that’s how we have survived! We keep ourselves safe from dangers by imaging the worst, but sometimes that is also our greatest limitation. You can do so much more and be so much more by facing your struggles and standing brave. There will be hard times ahead, but it also may not be as hard as you imagine. With preparation, you can ge ready to face the hard times, and there are so many people who are cheering you on– I AM HERE FOR YOU!

“You can’t gluten free the world, but you can gluten proof your world.”

I think of this great quote, “You can’t chid-proof the world, but you can world-proof your child.” It is so true. We can’t change others, but we can arm ourselves with the skills and tools to protect ourselves from outside factors.  

Shift your mindset from: “they don’t care about me” to “they don’t understand what I am going through”

It can be so hard at times, feeling like you are an inconvenience to others or that they don’t care about you because they aren’t catering to your needs, but they aren’t the ones living your life, and you don’t know what they need in their lives either. Show compassion and connection when navigating the hard interactions in different relationships. 

Have you heard…I recently became a published author! 

My book, No Matter What: Choose JOY whether you stay in or leave a hard marriage, is about how to work through the emotions of hard things in your life. These principles are applicable, whether it is about living through a hard marriage or divorce, or working through the ups and downs of diet restrictions and health issues. 

I want to briefly share two themes from my book that relate to “Gluten Free Your Mind.” I also shared a personal story in this month’s podcast episode about a recent breaking point I had while being with family over the holidays, so I hope you will head over to listen to Episode 58 if you haven’t already. I share about all the emotions and the boundaries that it took to gluten free my mind.

Every Single Emotion

Sometimes, we just have to sit in the “poor me” moments. Acknowledge and embrace your different emotions so that you can move past them. 


By taking the time to decide for yourself what you want and what you will do, you are then prepared to respond when difficult situations arise. Here’s a quote from my book:

No Matter What by Coral Ward Book Quote Boundaries

I am so glad you are here and joining the Gluten Free Your Year Challenge. Share about your journey in an Instagram story or post, tag me, and use #glutenfreeyearwithcoral. And if you haven’t already done so:

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