Gluten Free Year

Episode 58: Welcome To Your Best Gluten Free Year

It’s going to be a great year… and I am here cheering you on! This year we will be focusing and dissecting different parts of our lives to improve and to be our

best gluten free selves! Starting right now!

Tune in also to hear how I handled a very stressful gluten holiday!

This podcast episode is part of a series Gluten Free Your Year with Coral. You can read the blog related to the January Challenge – Gluten Free Your Mind HERE

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Welcome to the first month of the Gluten Free Year challenge! I’m so glad you’re here! (You can find an overview of the challenge HERE) This month’s theme is “Gluten Free Your Mind,” but what does that mean? Whether you’ve been gluten free for a day or a decade, I’m sure you remember how you felt when you first went gluten free. Perhaps it was a doctor who gave you the news that you have celiac disease. Maybe you have an autoimmune condition and have read the research about gluten and inflammation.

You might be the parent, grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle of someone who is gluten free and are here to learn more so you can better support them. Whatever the case is, each of those scenarios come with a lot of FEELINGS.

This month is all about acknowledging the challenge that can be gluten free living, processing our emotions, creating tools to combat moments of overwhelm, and finding the good in gluten free! 

The beginning of each week has a “Weekly Challenge” which is designed with an overarching theme. Details will be shared on Instagram each Monday so make sure you’re following along

Each Wednesday has a “Connect Challenge” where you get to share what you’ve been working on! Think of it like gluten free show and tell. It’s a way I get to connect with you! Share in an Instagram story or post, tag me, and use #glutenfreeyearwithcoral

Each month I’ll randomly select one person who has participated in each of that month’s connect challenges and send them my ecourse and printables pack! And any good challenge has a built in reward system! Each Saturday, I have created a “Celebrate” challenge, with a recipe from my blog and a fun idea to do with your family or on your own.

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Gluten Free Year
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