gluten free new year

Episode 31: Ring In the New Gluten Free YOU!

If you are anything like me, getting the news that we had to be 100% gluten-free was such a tough thing. Like, what was gluten anyways?? A lot has happened since celiac disease was discovered an autoimmune disease in the 1970s, and as exciting as all of these new advancements, awareness and products are, many of us still stare blankly at the frdige and ask: what the heck do I eat? The paranoia of getting glutened is real and learning how to stay gluten-free takes time, dedication and motivation but let me shout this on the rooftops… WE CAN HAVE THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE YEAR EVER!!!!


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In this podcast episode, I am sharing my favorite tips that I will be doing right along with you in 2020! I literally practice what I preach and I am so pumped to see the gluten free community become more confident, successful and happy. We are going to make a difference in our individual lives, which means we will show up better…in fact show up as our best selves.


Out with the old in with the new -2020 baby!!!!

Have you heard? I am hosting gluten-free webinars regularly now! I am so excited. SO many of you have reached out and asked me for more guidance and clarity with gluten-free living. So I have decided to hop on and host a free 60 minute crash course to help you navigate through the emotions, the reality and the execution of your gluten-free life.


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gluten free new year
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