How to get tested and diagnosed with celiac disease

Episode #2 How to get Tested and Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

It took me 16 years to get diagnosed and it was through my daughter’s diagnosis that I even found out that Celiac disease was the culprit. Tune in to hear all the ins and outs about getting a clear diagnosis and what that involves!

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If you think you have celiac disease, this podcast will help you break down the necessary tests to screen and diagnosis the disease. Below are the three we touched on!

  1. Bloodwork: TTG IgG & TTG IgA
  2. Endoscopic Biopsy to see the damage of the villi in the small intestines. Small procedure your put under anesthesia 
  3. Genetic Screening: HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8 
At home test:


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How to get tested and diagnosed with celiac disease
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