Italian Chef knows Gluten free

Episode 51: Italian Trained Chef Knows Gluten-Free

Today I have one of my favorite friends here on the show! Meg is an Italian trained chef and momma of 3. She is the owner and creator of the More Momma Blog and Cooking School. She is super talented and helps thousands of moms find their way around their kitchen and feed their children food that they will actually want to eat! She has a really fun cooking club… it is like the best way to learn to cook- COVID STYLE. It is all virtual. 

All of her recipes can be adapted and morphed into gluten free and/or dairy free yummy dishes. Meg just ‘gets’ how to do food eliminations to help anyone eat amazing meals.

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Meg and I actually worked together for a few years. We created a cookbook, an app, we were on a few news channels and traveled the country speaking and cooking together to help empower people to eat safely and with amazing flavors, no matter what their restrictions were.

Meg is the best… I can’t wait for you to hear her tips that she shares today. Quick and easy tweaks that you can start doing today to help step up your cooking game!

Join me and my kiddos in here cooking school! It is too good. My kids are obsessed and have learned so much already!


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Italian Chef knows Gluten free
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