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June: Gluten Free Your Travels

Gluten Free Your Year with Coral -June Challenge

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This month in Gluten Free Your Year, we are focusing on loving your gluten free life while traveling! With summer, I get so excited at the idea of a vacation, but then also go into panic mode of keeping my family safe and gluten free while away from the comforts of our home.  This blogpost will give you my Gluten Free Travel Best Trips, Best Tips, and Best Mindset

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Best Trips

There are so many options for enjoying a wonderful vacation and staying gluten free. Here are some options:

  • Staycations:

    Explore the tourist destinations near your home and enjoy the new experiences while staying close to the comforts of home.
  • RV Road Trip and Camping: I have an entire post dedicated to explaining out great experience with taking an RV Family Vacation here
  • Cruises: When booking your cruise experience, you can make arrangements to have dedicated storage space for gluten free food, snacks, and condiments for you. Be sure to call ahead and request dedicated food prep areas and chefs that are trained for your needs. Usually the formal dining options are safe, but I would plan ahead for safe snacks and options for times when it is buffet style. There is a high possibility of cross contact whenever many people are interacting with the buffet foods.
  • All Inclusive Packages: I have not personally taken an all inclusive gluten free vacation, but I have heard so many good things about great options, so do your research and find a vacation package that caters to your needs and wants.
  • Air BNB or Hotels: Hotels that have a kitchenette or staying at an Air BNB are great options. You can go shopping the first day you arrive at your destination and use disposable plates/utensils. Not eating out for every meal while on vacation saves your budget, your health, and lowers your risk of being glutened. 

Best Tips

  • Plan Ahead! Doing your research and calling ahead can give you great peace of mind because you will know what to expect and be prepared. It’s more work up front, but then you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing you have your gluten free options planned out.
  • Create a “Car Pantry”. Carry snacks, packaged foods, and drinks in your car so that you have something to hold you over, and an alternative in case you end up leaving a dining arrangement that you don’t end up feeling comfortable about eating. 
  • Use Disposable Goods. Using paper plates, plastic utensils, foil on pans-all these options can cut back on the chances of cross contact.
  • Stop at a Grocery Store. Day one of your vacation, stop to buy groceries to cover some meals and snacks. You can choose to indulge in eating out one meal a day to cut back on costs and the anxiety of getting glutened. 

Best Mindset

  • DON’T ASSUME EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO GLUTEN FREE. Be patient as you communicate your dietary needs with others. Be clear and concise when ordering food. Don’t assume others know what you need without a clear explanation, and don’t expect everyone to cater to your needs. 
  • Prepare yourself for bumps in the road. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but you can make the best of the situation with some mental preparation. At times, you may be hungry, or you may be inconvenienced, but you can prepare so you can make it through the frustrations when they happen. A backup plan can help you stay cool in a moment that otherwise would have caused panic. 

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