Gluten Free Year September- Home

September: Gluten Free Your Home

Gluten Free Your Year with Coral – September Challenge 

Gluten Free Year September- Home

Welcome to month NINE of the Gluten Free Your Year challenge! I’m so glad you’re here! You can find an overview of the challenge HERE

This month’s theme is “Gluten Free Your Home.” If you are like me, you have the kids off at school and have a little extra time to organize the house for fall and start getting things in order for the holidays ahead! Earlier this year, we already dedicated a month to the kitchen and the bathroom, so now we can focus on the other areas in the home. I love walking into my home knowing it is a gluten free safe space! Whether you are a zero gluten home, or have a shared space, this month is all about giving you the comfort and peace of mind to relax at home. Start by downloading this month’s “Gluten Free Your Home Checklist,” then scroll down to read more about some of my favorite products and ways I keep my home clean and cozy! 

My favorite Christmas present… from my sister-in-law Brittney!!! She is so talented and so sweet! I literally wanted to cry when I saw it! I had been wanting something for my front porch to remind people that we are a #glutenfree household… and out of respect please don’t bring gluten inside

Well, this is the perfect addition to my home and I am ever so grateful for this journey we are on! AND I’m so grateful for each of you! If you are reading this right now- Thank you 🙌🏼 Thank you for being awesome– thank you for choosing to do hard things and thank you for supporting me in this wild celiac adventure!!

I also like to set the routine for myself and my family members to WASH OUR HANDS EVERY TIME WE WALK IN THE DOOR. Washing off any outside contaminants adds that extra sense of peace 

Door Wreath with Plaque "As for me and my house, we are gluten free"

Expand your comfort zone one step at a time

We already discussed Gluten Free Your Kitchen, and Gluten Free Your Bathroom, so slowly and steadily we are expanding our understanding and implementation of thriving in our best gluten free life! 

A Clean Space

Do you know what’s in your cleaning products? .
How many of us have cupboards overflowing with different cleaners? We’ve got one for the windows, one for the stove, one for the sink, one for the counter, one for the floor…the list goes on and on. We already have to put so much energy into choosing gluten free foods, why not simplify our cleaning routine?
Did our grandmother’s have this many cleaning products? Mine didn’t! Use some vinegar, baking soda, and a little elbow grease and you can clean almost anything. Or if you want a ready to go but all natural cleaning product, I’ve fallen in love with  Branch BasicsPurchase an excellent multi-purpose cleaning product you can love and trust?!Clean ingredients and one cleaner works for so many things!  I even have a promo code available: glutenfreewithcoral (I often have promo codes for my favorite brands, so Click HERE to visit My Favorite Things Page.)  

Branch Basics Cleaners

A Fresh Space

in addition to wanting my home clean, I love walking into a fresh scent as I enter a room. It just gives you that extra special feeling to be at home! I love Grow Fragrance! They have air + fabric sprays to keep your home smelling great, and they have scented candles to add that extra charm and scent as we head into fall. 

Grow Fragrance Air + Fabric Freshener

A Comfortable Space

I love traveling and vacations- did you see my Gluten Free Your Travels post? But, I just love the feeling of being home too! Something about having everything you need and set up exactly the way YOU love it… There is a peace and feeling of love that makes “NO PLACE LIKE HOME!” 

Here’s two products that make my home extra cozy:

Beddy’s are amazing life saver’s for my children’s beds! They are an all-in-one bed set that makes it so the kids can easily just zip up their bed to make it each morning! So cool, and I have a promo code: Coral

Minky Blankets are incredible soft blankets! I love these for throw blankets for cozy movie watching with the family! And I am blown away–they are offering you an incredible 45% off your purchase with my promo code: Coral45

(I often have promo codes for my favorite brands, so Click HERE to visit My Favorite Things Page.)  

Beddy's Bed Set

A Prepared Space

There are so many quotes about being prepared: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” or “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst.” I’m sure you can think of more! Well, part of thriving in my gluten free lifestyle has been taking the time to be prepared for emergencies, and then they don’t feel like emergencies!  Here’s two special ways I make sure my gluten free home is prepared!

“Glutened Basket”

No matter the precautions I take, there are times when I get glutened, or my kids get glutened, and it doesn’t have to be miserable! We have learned the secret to making an unpleasant experience bearable, and even enjoyable! I would not have believed that was possible when I started this gluten free journey!! 

I now have a “glutened basket” and a little routine for when we get glutened. It is filled with essentials like oils, carbonated drinks, tea, and bone broth. But it also has some special treats, like a book to read, and my favorite gluten free treats. I keep this special basket stored in my room. When I get glutened, I can pull it out and lay on my cozy bed and just take care or myself! I find that I feel better faster and actually can enjoy that quiet time to myself. 

For my girls, I even have some special notes written up and a surprise toy or craft ready just for those times that they are stuck recuperating. 

glutened basket

Gluten Free Food Storage

I am a huge proponent of food storage and emergency preparedness. I have recorded two podcast episodes on the topic:

Episode 41: Are you Prepared, where I go over 5 things that can help you in an emergency. Click HERE to visit the episode post. 

and Episode 55: Gluten Free Food Storage That Makes Sense  In the related post, I share 12 dinner meals that you can multiply to store up however much food you decide is right for you and your family. 

gluten free food storage

Thank you for participating in Gluten Free Your Year with Coral. I hope you are enjoying this challenge. Let me know about your journey over on Instagram! Share in an Instagram story or post, tag me, and use #glutenfreeyearwithcoral 

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