Gluten Free Your Summer

July: Gluten Free Your Summer

Gluten Free Your Year with Coral – July Challenge 

Gluten Free Your Summer

Welcome to month SEVEN  of the Gluten Free Your Year challenge! I’m so glad you’re here! (You can find an overview of the challenge HERE

This month’s theme is “Gluten Free Your Summer,” where you will learn tips for enjoying summer fun while staying safe. Enjoy picnics, summer parties, and outings with confidence that you are prepared with gluten free foods and safeguards against cross contact. 

To kick off this month’s challenge, you can download your own “Gluten Free Your Summer Checklist,” and scroll down to read party tips for the best gluten free get togethers, whether you are the only gluten free one at the party, or you are navigating having fun when surrounding by gluten foods.

Also, visit my RECIPE section. I will be continuing to add new gluten free recipes to help make your meal prep easy and delicious! 

Gluten Free Summer Checklist

What to do at a Gluten Filled Party?

I know this can be stressful and make you want to just stay home, but remember that get togethers are about the PEOPLE and memories with great company, but just about the food. You can enjoy yourself and stay safe. Here are a few tips:

  • Talk to the host and let them know you are gluten free. I don’t expect anyone to change their menu for me, but they can’t even offer any alternatives unless they know! If they do want to, be sure you are clear about he importance of cross contact and that your food needs to stay away from gluten and be prepped./cooked on separate surfaces. 
  • Offer to bring something! Throw together an easy appetizer, side dish, or dessert so you know you will have something safe and delicious. (Keep reading for ideas of what to bring!)
  • Make it easier on your mind by eating before the party or by bringing your own food.
  • Take your favorite protein bar or snack with you. If all else fails and you arrive only to find nothing is safe, you can still eat something you love.
  • Use squeeze bottles for condiments to avoid getting gluten dipped into the jar.
  •  Remember to stay safe and choose you over trying to fit in
When in doubt, stick with what you know is safe to avoid getting glutened. And remember that these events are about connecting with others and we can still do that, even when we are eating gluten free ♥️

Hosting a Summer Get Together

Guess what? One of my favorite things to do is serve a gluten free meal or dessert to guests and surprise them that all the delicious food was 100% gluten free and they didn’t even notice or feel like something was missing! It is possible! 

Salads, veggie platters, grilled chicken, baked potato or nacho bars are easy, naturally gluten free options. burgers with lettuce  or sweet potato “buns” are so good and a fun twist! 

Want to wow your guests with amazing gluten free desserts? I used to make wedding cakes to pay my way through college. Since going gluten-free, I have mastered the art of baking once again. I created the Baking with Coral Recipe ebook, where I feature my top 16 recipes that will for sure win all your family and friends- gluten free or not!

Prep Easy and Delicious Gluten Free Party Foods

Charcuterie boards are my absolute favorite right now! How awesome that you can pile on all your favorite snacks and make it look delicious and sophisticated in so little time! 

Watch these Instagram Reels to learn my super fast and easy snack hacks:

Check out these recipes:
Charcuterie Board
Girls enjoying charcuterie board

Always have snacks with you on the go 

Here are a few of my favorites that I keep stocked in my car! You can see an instagram reel HERE on this. I hope you go out and enjoy the summer weather, and have a quick summer snack ready to go to ease your mind! 

💛 Chips @thegoodcrispcompany 
💛 Popcorn @angiesboomchickapop
💛 Caveman Bars @cavemanfoods
💛 Nuts @bluediamond
💛 Crackers @simplemills
💛 Fig Bars @naturesbakery
💛 Fruit Bars @thatsit
💛 Protein Bars @rxbar 
💛 Rice Cakes @lundbergfarms

Gluten Free Snacks

Thank you for participating in Gluten Free Your Year with Coral. I hope you are enjoying this challenge. Let me know about your journey over on Instagram! Share in an Instagram story or post, tag me, and use #glutenfreeyearwithcoral 

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