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Episode 9: College, Social Life, Gluten Free as a Celiac

In this episode, Clayton @CollegeAndCeliac, is going to share some tips that he has learned in his college journey so far. He talks about how to eat safely in the dorms, how to still participate in sports & exercise while having celiac disease, and the importance of choosing the right doctor who listens and is open minded on making sure you get the best treatment possible!!!

What is gluten free?

Episode 7: I Can’t Eat Anything

I decided to have an entire podcast episode on this very topic so that I may help you feel a little more confident and squash this little lie that you can not eat anything! Cause that my friend is what that is… it is a lie… listen to the entire episode as I help you find your ‘gluten-free groove’ and eating foods you love and still being safe!

Gluten Free Travels and what not to forget

Episode 4: Traveling Gluten Free Hawaiian Style Blog & Podcast

Well, we literally made our Hawaii dreams come true this last month as we took our entire family… yes all 6 of us to Oahu Hawaii! We had a blast and the best part was… no-one got glutened!!! That calls for celebration and we call that a big vacation success! My messages have been blowing up requesting me to write this blog post to share all the places we stayed at, ate, and played at… so here you go!!!